Stainless Steel Hammock Chair Hanging Kit Ceiling Mount Spring Swivel Snap Hook Accessories





Material 304 Stainless Steel + Carbon Steel Spring
Color Silver
Capacity Approx. 500LB
Weight Approx. 81g

Strong, durable, easy to install and use.
304 stainless steel mounting plate securely bolts into beams, boards, concrete ceiling or any other overhead surface.
The spring has a capacity of about 500lb, and it helps relieve stress from impact.
360 degree rotation without any tangling or twisting, and the snap hook will securely clip onto your hammock or swinging chair.
Great accessories for hammock chairs, porch swings, swinging chairs, punching bags, or hanging any other heavy object from an overhead mount.
Heavy duty hook mount plate, spring, snap hook, and swivel hook for mounting hammock chairs and other hanging accessories like punching bags, hanging plants and so on.

Package Included:
1 x Ceiling Mounting Plate
1 x Spring
1 x Snap Hook
1 x Swivel Hook
4 x Screws
4 x Shield Anchor Bolts
Hammock chair is not included


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Weight 0.48 oz