Warmer Cup Mat /Pad/ Cup Heating Mat Electric Tray Coffee Tea Drink Warmer Cup Heater Beverage Mug Pad Office




Package included:
1x Electric Drink Warmer
1x USB
1x External magnetic device
1x Magnetic stirrer
1x User manual
Product name: 3-in-1Warmer Cup Mat /Pad/ Cup Heating Mat Electric Tray Coffee Tea Drink Warmer Cup Heater Beverage Mug Pad Office
Material: ABS Tempered Glass
Size: 12.0 cm * 12.0 cm * 3.5 cm
Weight: approx.250g
Color: Pink/Green(optional)
Voltage: 5V DC
Power: 16W
Switch: Touch switch
Function: Constant temperature, Heating, Stiring
Heating: PTC heating
Temperature: Heating-55℃
Power supply: USB Charging
Waterproof: Surface waterproof
Appliance: Glass/Ceramics/Metal/Plastic cup
Feature: Multi-functional, portable, LED light, constant temp, heating
Stylish design, compact size, perfect for your office desk. Beverage Warmer not only keeps your coffee hot, but also be a craft on your table.
Assembled with high temperature resistant tempered glass for durable using. water & dust resistance.
Pick this Beverage Warmer for your friends, family and lover as a Christmas gift! Keep their coffee warm, keep their hearts warm.
Rotate and stir: you can stir coffee, milk powder, oatmeal, soy milk, isatis root and other brewed beverages. And stirring can achieve the effect of rapid cooling. Home, treasure mother, office worker's lazy artifact.
Insulation constant temperature: It can keep warming for 24 hours, so that the milk powder and beverages that have not been drunk will not be quickly cooled down, drained and wasted. Save Baoma from waking up late at night to revisit milk powder.
Cool night light: Cool night light function is designed around the baby, so that the baby is no longer afraid of the night and the environment is more emotional.
USB security: The design of human touch buttons makes the product more simple and elegant. We use USB 5V low voltage power supply, which is safer and more reliable than 220V power supply!

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